Candidate Overview

Robertson has created a candidate preparation and placement program tailored to specific industries. Our goal is to source and present candidates that best “fit” our client’s requirements.

  1. 20 Step Screening and Interviewing Process
  2. Resume Tips
  3. The 4 Ps of Interviewing

Survey of Recruiter’s Pet Peeves Regarding Candidates

More than 1,500 recruiters completed a BullHorn Reach survey, providing valuable insight on how candidates can best conduct themselves to makes the lives of recruiters easier and increase their chances of getting hired.

Here are some highlights from the survey results:

  • 70% of respondents say candidates in their 30s are the easiest age group for recruiters to place in new jobs. Respondents also said that there is greater demand for candidates in their 40s than for candidates in their 20s.
  • The range of time for which a candidate can be unemployed before it becomes difficult for recruiters to find him or her a job is between six months and one year, according to 36 percent of respondents.
  • According to the data, it’s easier for recruiters to place someone with a criminal record (non-felony) in a new job than it is to place someone who has been unemployed for two years.
  • 78% of respondents ranked getting fired as the most severely damaging to a candidate‚Äôs future employment prospects, while only 2% thought being laid off was the most damaging.

Robertson can provide contact information for other executive search/staffing firms through our industry association (ACSESS) if we are not the right fit for your current career goals.