Career Transition Counselling

Terminating employees can be extremely stressful and traumatic for both management and employees. This requires special skills and thorough planning to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. Does your organization have the skills to professionally retrench staff while effectively maintaining productivity, improving morale and minimizing the chance of litigation?

What to expect?

Robertson’s career transition and outplacement solution can assist organizations to ensure the downsizing experience is handled sensitively and professionally, while achieving your overall objectives. We will customize an outplacement solution for your organization to minimize employee hardship while reducing corporate and personal exposure by:

  • Maximizing your integrity and commitment to your employees
  • Minimizing the negative effect on morale for the remaining employees
  • Alleviating undue employee stress
  • Maintaining productivity while limiting business interruption
  • Protecting your employment brand
  • Reducing the chance of litigation

How is it done?

Robertson’s Outplacement Consultants assists organizations who may need to retrench employee’s due to mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, competitive influences or changes in office or plant location. We provide advice on the available solutions to meet the varying needs of the employees based on their level of experience and skill, with management’s knowledge and collaboration.

We can create a customized solution for your organization drawing from a wide range of professional career transition and outplacement services that include;

  • Career advice and emotional support provided by a certified HR professional and job search coach
  • Career coaching and resume preparation
  • Self-assessment to gain an understanding of the individuals skills, abilities, experience using behavioural assessments
  • Minimizing the job search period and consequent stress
  • Accessing networks and the keys to the ‘hidden’ job market

What is the benefit?

In an increasingly challenging climate, many organizations are facing the reality of significant change in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The prospect of talent rationalization is often a consequence of this change.

Terminating employees without the proper process can have an overly negative effect on the individual and cause unnecessary business disruption. Our career transition and outplacement solution assists organizations with advice on implementing effective changes while balancing business with staff needs.

The implementation of a professional outplacement solution has many benefits to employers and employees:

  • Minimizing the risk of litigation
  • Reducing the negative impact on staff morale and productivity
  • Various options to addressing staff challenges
  • Significant cost savings