Hiring Manager Overview

We Optimize Your Recruitment Process

From rising staff turnover to decreasing employee engagement and an overall shortage of managerial competencies at the executive level, inadequate hiring practices can severely impact your organization’s ability to remain competitive in an already talent-deficient operating environment. In most cases, these issues can only be effectively resolved with a top-down redesign of your recruitment infrastructure.  Unfortunately, the time and resource requirements for such an initiative directly conflict with the objective of delivering time-critical skills to key functional areas of your business.

As an industry-leading executive recruiting firm in Canada and the US, Robertson specializes in connecting top-tier candidates to a wide range of clients in healthcare, IT, dental, and finance. Our corporate recruitment services are directed by a multi-functional team of subject matter experts who bring an expansive breadth of knowledge and experience to each client relationship. Our team leverages an exclusive network of partnerships across job listing portals, social media sites, universities and industry-leading companies to source and deliver only the most qualified applicants to your HR function.

At Robertson, we don’t just want to meet your short-term needs; we want to help you build a sustainable talent pipeline that can provide you with the human capital you need to fulfill your long-term objectives. Whether you’re looking for sales leaders, innovators, specialists, or C-suite executives, our corporate recruiters can find talent that matches your exacting requirements.

How We Work With You

  • At the assessment stage, we work closely with your hiring manager to develop a customized recruitment process that specifies minimum expectations for performance, qualifications, compensation, and key personal attributes. We will also work to understand your organizational culture and long-term objectives so that we can deliver lasting value to your business.
  • At the segmentation stage, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your existing staff in order to identify the skills and key competencies which are critical to your overall success. This will help us develop a more accurate picture of talent shortages within your organization.
  • Based on our research we design a branding strategy that promotes your organization from the perspective top-tier candidates. These efforts will encompass: targeted social media campaigns, content marketing, and advertising. The aim is to align your industry image with the objectives and values that define your organization.
  • We use a range of software to ensure accurate, timely fulfillment. From advanced ATS to analytics tools our executive recruitment services are characterized by a data-driven approach that delivers quantifiable value to your organization.
  • After establishing our initial shortlist we will work to build more in-depth relationships with prospective candidates, while we take each prospect through a rigorous vetting process that ensures their quality and relevancy to the role.