10 things great salespeople always do

What separates great from average, and what do you need to do if you want to step up your sales performance? Great salespeople set goals. But unlike average salespeople who also set goals, great salespeople are continually measuring their performance and looking for new ways to achieve their goals. Great salespeople don’t settle for average. […]

Why hire athletes?

When hiring, most companies will ask candidates questions about their skills, their experience and their qualifications. They may also ask competency based interview questions, where candidates are expected to give examples of times they have showed particular qualities or overcome particular obstacles. However, very few companies ask one of the most important questions you can […]

When the Recruiter calls, here’s what to say

In our firm we often come across individuals who inaccurately represent themselves given that they have submitted their resume for a particular job posting we have, or have indicated they are open to opportunities on their LinkedIn profile. These candidates occasionally respond negatively during our initial follow up, or question why we are calling them. […]

Making the most of today for tomorrow

Why is it that some of us have more than others while the income gap continues to increase between the rich and the poor? Most of us work harder every day, yet it seems that we aren’t really getting any further ahead. What is the problem? Is it perspective, or reality? If you look at […]