Permanent and Contract Staffing

When submitting candidates you can expect that we have extensively screened, phone interviewed and conducted a thorough face to face interview prior to any CV being submitted and we pride ourselves on confidentiality. We’re also not a business that just ‘sends CV’s’ we take time to understand both the Clients and Candidates needs to offer a truly consultative approach to Recruitment.

We’re career and recruiting experts who know how and why people excel in their career, we understand that you need to find the right talent, but you don’t want just anyone to fill the role, you desire the best available talent. You need fresh talent that is going to take your company to new heights, and be a great asset to your business. That’s why our professionalism, experience and commitment to excellence will help you find the right candidates for your business. We have the experience, knowledge and commitment to find the right recruitment solution for you.

Permanent Recruitment Services

Permanent recruitment also known as contingency recruitment a client pays for the service only upon successfully placement of a candidate provided by the recruitment agency. In this model recruitment consultant’s source and screen qualified candidates to find the best match. The pool of identified candidates is then presented to you for a review. If your company hires them, a placement fee is paid the recruitment agency that is based on a percentage of the new hire’s projected first year’s salary.

The benefits of using contingency recruitment come down to a few main points:

  • There are no upfront costs
  • The fee is paid only when the position is filled

Robertson specializes in hiring across disciplines such as: accounting & finance, audit, compliance, engineering, financial services, FinTech, HR, IT, legal, marketing, multilingual, project & change management, risk management, sales, science, supply chain & procurement and tax.
Our recruitment consultants are experts in their particular recruitment area, and often have previous experience working in the industry.

This recruitment model is the most suitable for hiring managers who:

  • Require support with hiring in niche, specialist areas
  • Do not have a specialist, in-house hiring team
  • Have an urgent requirement and want to speed up the recruitment process

Our commitment to our clients is to provide professional services and qualified pre-screened candidates. We accomplish this by listening to and understanding the needs of our clients and our candidates. We strive to ensure the fit to the organization, team, manager and job is met.

All Robertson Human Asset Management searches are done utilizing a unique selection model.  Each search focuses on three key areas:  (1) skill sets, (2) character traits and (3) fit.  During this process we visit the client and discuss the required criteria with all decision makers.  This process allows us to understand the individual search requirements with consideration to the position, the location, the required skill set and the fit to the organization, job and team.

The same search process is applied to the candidates, to determine their career requirements as they relate to job skill, character traits and fit.

Contract Staffing

We offer contract staffing which is a similar alternative to permanent employment, but positions are typically undertaken on a “fixed-term” basis and with specific skills in mind. You are usually paid a monthly salary direct from the client on a pro-rata basis with a notice period on both sides. Whether your salary is fixed, working as a contractor usually means you are entitled to the same benefits as a permanent member of staff.
Contract staffing is often selected in event that an employer needs to manage the ebbs and flow of business demands, maternity leaves or employee sick leaves.