Psychometric Profiles

“The success of an organization depends on the quality, not quantity of its people”


  • the screening and selection process of individuals best suited to the organization, manager and job
  • benchmarking your high performance individuals for a more accurate selection process
  • provides management and coaching strategies necessary to develop and retain staff
  • assists in team building and identifies areas of strengths and challenges
  •  identifies the current and future leaders of your organization


  • character traits
  • attitudes
  • predicts performance
  • job fit

Available profiles

  • Sales Potential Profile – Sales representative selection and potential
  • Management Potential Profile – Management selection and potential (plus emotional quotient)
  • Service Profile – Service and support selection and potential
  • Career Management Profile – specifically designed for career self management, succession planning, career coaching and personal growth within large corporations
  • Professional Profile – for professional positions (Marketing) whether they consult with individuals or provide enterprise solutions

Other profiling services

  • Validation studies to benchmark and access high performance selection and retention
  • Help line
  • Interpretation guides and training