Search Process

All Robertson Human Asset Management (Robertson) searches are done utilizing a unique selection model.  Each search focuses on three key areas:  (i) skill sets, (ii) character traits and (iii) fit.  During this process we visit the client and discuss the required criteria with all decision makers.  This process allows us to understand the individual search requirements with consideration to the position, the location, the required skill set and the fit to the organization, job and team.

The same search process is applied to the candidates, to determine their career requirements as they relate to job skill, character traits and fit.

  1. A Robertson consultant interviews their client to clearly understand the specific search requirements. A strategic plan is established by working with our client’s specific job requirements and utilizing our search process.
  2. The Robertson team determines the source of relevant industry expertise and identifies ideal prospects. Candidates are sourced through a database, referrals, advertising and recruitment.
  3. Candidates are requested to forward their resumes and participate in a phone interview with one of our consultants once they have been identified through the search process. It is then determined if the candidate will be forwarded to the client.  It is our policy that no resume or candidate is discussed with a client without the consent of the candidate.  The consultant is in frequent contact with the client during the search process.
  4. Ideal candidates are then interviewed in person by the consultant. The individual’s skills, character traits and fit qualifications are re-evaluated.  An attempt is always made to have interviewed, in person, all candidates forwarded to a client within the last six weeks.
  5. Likely prospects are then forwarded to the client for review. The consultant discusses the candidate profile and answers any questions and/or gathers any additional information the client may deem important.
  6. The consultant schedules interview meetings between the client and the candidates.
  7. Candidates are contacted to discuss candidate compatibility, next steps and recommended future actions on completion of the interviews.
  8. The next steps are discussed with the client once a final candidate has been selected. Detailed reference check reports and psychometric profiling (character traits and job fit) are additional services that can be provided upon request.
  9. The consultant works with the client to assist with the successful hiring of the candidate. Presentations of the offer and compensation negotiation with the candidate are also optional services that are available.
  10. A follow up phone meeting is initiated with the client after the recruitment process is completed to ensure that their needs have been met.